NZ Travel: Glacier walk experience at Franz Josef

Hi!! Due to some internet difficulties, was not able to post these past few days.. But OMG!!! There are so many details I want to share about our travels, so many pics I want to show.. But for now I’ll just focus on the highlights, and the few pics I captured from my iphone..

Last post we arrived at Greymouth via the tranzalpine train ride.. From there we rented a car and drove to our next pitstop.. Franz Josef Glacier.

Franz Josef is 3 hrs from Greymouth, and is one of two towns commonly visited for it’s glacier walk. Just standing in the main road of the town you can already see the mountain glacier from a distance.

We stayed here 2 nights and booked an ice explorer tour with franz josef glacier guides.. The tour includes a helicopter ride to the base of the glacier, a 3 hr trek to the top of the glacier and back, as well as entrance to the hot pool.

For those planning to take this tour, remember that you need to reconfirm 24 hrs before. And also because its an outdoor activity, weather is a big factor. For our case we booked a 9am tour but got cancelled due to cloudy weather. The tour is just 4hrs long, but I allotted a whole day for this.. So because of that we had enough flexibility on what we want to do after. Other people didn’t and so they had to completely cancel their appointment because they planned to move on immediately after the activity.

For us since we were still staying in franz josef that day, we just joined the 11.40 am tour so we could still do it that day.

We had an hour to spare before the tour starts, so we did one of the many walks near the glacier.

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