Seoul-o travels (Day 2)

First in the itinerary today was to see traditional Korean houses.. One of the places you can go to nearby for this is the Bukchon Hanok village.. Just take the train and exit at the Anguk station.

The village is smaller than what I expected, but still a wonderful example of ancient Korea.. This is a great backdrop for photo shoots… Here are some pictures of the village..

Since the area is quite small.. even with the time spent taking pictures, we were already done in less than 2 hours..

I don’t know which path we took, but while heading back to the train station, we passed by this traditional tea house. Perfect chance to see these traditional houses from the inside and have a tea break.

We each ordered different teas.. I forgot the exact names, we just asked the lady what their best sellers are.. Lovely presentation and refreshing for the warm weather.

After this it’s another train ride to the National Museum of Korea. To get there look for the Yongsan station. Another popular tourist destination, but again since we’re not really history enthusiasts, we didn’t spend a lot of time here and just took a few pics to prove we were here before heading back to Myeongdong.

After it was back to Myeongdong just looking at the different street food in the area..

If you’re into Korean series or K-pop stars, near Myeongdong is Star Avenue in Lotte town.

It’s just this walkway where they show videos and displays of a few popular Korean actors/actresses. And they have a wishing star wall where you can write a wish/message to your favorite Korean star.. and if picked your wish will be granted!

Then we were finally ready for dinner and decided to go to Itaewon, an area with streets lined with a variety of restaurants/bars… I didn’t really care for the place since there was more international cuisines offered than Korean restaurants.. But for those craving for something non Korean, this is a good spot to go to.

*** Note: Again our itinerary for today was very relaxed and we started the day late already. For those that want to pack more sightseeing in, from Myeongdong my friend told me it’s possible to walk to the base of Namsan Seoul tower, then take a cable car up. You can also take the bus, but I don’t know what bus exactly. Also in that area you will find the Teddy Bear museum, and the place with the locks for couples..

See here for the next 2 days in Seoul!