Travel to Jeju Island (West Coast)

For the next 3 days in Korea, I was off to explore on my own. I didn’t know when I’d have the chance to go back to Korea again, so I wanted to make sure a visit to Jeju Island was part of my itinerary.

I don’t know much about this place, only that its always referenced in Korean series as a good vacation spot by locals. As I researched on Jeju Island, I got excited at the natural wonders to be seen there.

Since I’m travelling on my own and don’t speak Korean, I looked for tour groups that I could join so I won’t have to worry about transportation anymore. It’s hard because most tour providers have a minimum number of people required.

Luckily I found Yeha tours.. They offer affordable day tours both in the east and west coast, and you can also take it as a package with discounted accommodations at their guesthouse. Sadly the guesthouse was full already so I couldn’t take advantage of it.. So I just booked my own flights and accommodation, and booked 1 day for the east part of the island and another day for the west. There are specific accommodations that the tour provides pickups and drop offs to, so I based my accommodations on that list.. No more worries on transportation!

First day of the tour was the West course of the Island. Here are some of my personal highlights from the tour:

stone garden in Hallim Park

This statue is scattered all over Jeju island said to offer protection from evil spirtis

Dol hareubang

Views while in the Sueweolbong trekking

And my absolute fave of the west coast tour.. Locadio world!!! I love watching Korean series, and I love dressing up even more.. So this provided the best of both worlds as they allow you to dress up in different costumes from various Korean tv and movie sets.. Continue reading