UK Series: daytrip to the Scottish Highlands

(Sept 29, 2015)

For the 2nd day in Edinburgh, I wanted to go outside of the city and see the landscape and nature of Scotland.

My search led me to this daytrip tour from viator which covers a small Scottish town calle Glencoe, the highlands, and the famous Loch Ness!

It’s a beautiful drive to Loch ness with all the mountains and green fields we saw along the way.IMG_4263.jpgIMG_4060.jpgUpon arrival to Loch ness we took a cruise around the lake and heard stories of the legends around the Loch Ness monster..


And also got to see a Scottish highland bull! 😀


Overall I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants a taste of what the Scottish highlands has to offer.  Would be much better of course if you are able to drive around yourself to offer more flexibility on the stops and how long you want to stay.  But not a bad introduction that left me wanting to go back here to explore further!


Switzerland Journey: to Mt Rigi

by ozchinita
(Sept 9, 2013)

Today our agenda was a trip up to Mt. Rigi.  Mt. Rigi is one of two popular daytrips you can do from Lucerne.  Super recommend doing this as it captures exactly what has made Switzerland a special experience for me, those amazing vast mountain views.
IMG_3651.jpgEven after Murren, I would still say going up here is worth it.  From Murren the views were mountains and clouds.. While here it was green fields combined with the vivid blue of the lake so you won’t be getting the same view. But first, the challenge was figuring out how to get there.   When I researched for this, I got confused because of the many different ways that were suggested.  So rather than explaining all that, I’ll just show what our route is with pictures! It might not be the cheapest, but well worth it because the journey itself offers beautiful views. Continue reading

What to see in Bandung (part 2)

by ozchinita

Just a few weeks ago, I was suddenly asked to go back to Bandung in order to help the client finish some activities.

In my previous trip, I posted some entries about the food, the shopping, and one of the tourist spots of Bandung.

So this time I wanted to do some more sightseeing that I didn’t get to do previously. Thankfully in this trip the client offered to have a driver take me to one of their well known attractions nearby, the Tangkuban Prahu.  

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Summer at Whistler Mountain

For adventure and amazing scenery in Vancouver.. you definitely have to include Whistler Mountain in your itinerary.

Whistler Mountain is best known as a ski resort for winter, but it has a lot to offer during the summertime as well.

To get here, my friend rented a car and drove for around 2 hours to get to Whistler village. Luckily she had enough points for a free night accommodation at Westin Hotel.

Westin hotel

Even just looking outside our room window, we already had such amazing views of the mountain

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Travel to Jeju Island (East Coast)

2nd day of my Jeju Island tour and I’m off to the East Coast of the island. First stop is to the Trick Art Museum.. the place is filled with art that you can pose with for optical illusions.. These are a few of my faves:

Next stop was a glimpse into the local culture of the place as we were taken to a traditional Seongeup Folk Village. Continue reading

A mountain getaway in Victoria

For scenic mountain landscapes, bushwalks, or just for those who want to escape the city life, relax and have nature just outside your doorstep, the Grampians in Victoria is a lovely spot to go to and get away from it all.

It’s a pretty long drive from Melbourne CBD (around 3-4 hours), so if you do decide to go here, it’s best to stay a minimum of one day overnight. For our case we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Grampians.

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Bruny Island cruise (Day 3 of Tassie Trip)

3rd day of our Tassie trip.. this time we wanted something a bit more adventurous and nature-y.. So we went to the Hobart waterfront and booked a Bruny Island cruise with

Bruny Island is located in the south-east corner of Tasmania, closest to Hobart. Its good for a day trip if you’re staying at Hobart, or you can stay in the Island overnight.

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