UK series: Lake District National Park

(Sept 26-27, 2016)

After all the towns and cityscapes of England, I was ready for a nature break.  So Lake District was the perfect next stop in our roadtrip itinerary to get my fix of beautiful landscape sceneries.
IMG_3566.jpgI never heard about this place before, and it was only through a friend’s suggestion that I heard about this place.. But I instantly loved it here when after seeing all these views..
There’s lots of walking trails available all throughout the park in varying levels of difficulty and time.. Since we only had two nights here, we were only able to pick one of the walking trails here. So all my pictures here are from that walking trail..
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PHL | Siquijor: Capilay Spring Park , Guiwanon Spring Park

by blueclouds


How amazing and rare it is to see a natural spring park located at the very heart of the town proper. It is very accessible should you want to have a quick swim or dip into the water usually during those summer days to cool off.

Capilay’s Spring Park Entrance Sign

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