THA | 3 Days Trip to Phuket


Seat Sales from Airlines come almost every month and you just have to be wise and plan accordingly. When curiosity strikes for a destination, then I check on the rates. At first, I was eyeing for Bali, Indonesia but then ended up for Phuket, Thailand because of the price. Then asked for friends to join me, luckily I managed to convince 2 other girls to join. The trip is on! We booked the flights in February 2014 for a September 2014 flight.

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.

On 26 December 2004, Phuket and other nearby areas on Thailand’s western coast suffered extensive damage when they were struck by the Boxing Day tsunami, caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Almost all of the major beaches on the west coast, especially Kamala, Patong, Karon, and Kata sustained major damage, with some damage caused to resorts and villages on the island’s southern beaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

By February 2005 many damaged resorts were back to business, and life slowly returned to normal. Following strenuous recovery programs, no tsunami damage can now be seen except on the most remote beaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Italy Series: Daytrip to Amalfi Coast

by ozchinita
(Sept 19, 2013)

This is the last day in Italy and I wanted to squeeze in one last destination that we can do as a daytrip from Rome.  My first choice was actually Pompeii (based on the fact that that was the only place I knew), but my well traveled colleagues directed me to check out Amalfi Coast instead.
IMG_5624.jpgAmalfi coast is a stretch of coastline located along Southern Italy, and also another popular tourist destination.  It consists of several well known villages such as Sorrento, Positano and Ravello. IMG_5346.jpg
IMG_5335.jpgBecause of the long distance that needs to be covered, you can’t tour this place on just public transportation (especially as a daytrip).  Either you rent a car and drive, or if like us you can’t drive, book a daytrip tour. I highly recommend this private tour we got from Viator which is the most affordable option we could find for a private driver.   We just had to take the train to get to Naples, and we were picked up and dropped off from there at the end of the daytrip. The nice thing as well is that we didn’t have to stress out figuring how to get from one spot to another, and we could control how long or how short we would stay in each spot. Some of the highlights of our daytrip.. First stop.. town of Sorrento IMG_5378.jpgIMG_5355.jpgIMG_5362.jpgMore beautiful coastal views on the way to Positano Continue reading

PHL | Dumaguete: Transportation

by blueclouds

The basic transportation in Dumaguete is the tricycle with a fare of PHP9.00 per head on short distance.  Dumaguete is just a small city and we were able to walk around from the plaza to our Hotel.  However, to go to the tourist spots which are from the city, either you hire a van if you’re a big group but for our case we are only 3.

We first rode a tricycle from our hotel and driver agreed to bring us to our destination – Casaroro Falls and Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao – for a cost of PHP1,000.  Quite a good deal versus the PHP4,000 van rental (could have been a good choice if we were a group of 4 or 5).  Upon reaching Valencia Plaza, we were told by the driver that we will transfer to habal-habal (motorcycle).  Each motorcycle costs PHP200 roundtrip.  Apparently the tricycle ride was a deception which we learned after our Casaroro Falls hike during a conversation with our motorcycle driver/guide.  So we went back to Valencia Plaza and talked to the tricycle driver and paid PHP250 and told him to go back to Dumaguete City and no need to wait for us.  In our desire to save up, it was such sad experience to be fooled, how bad people could be just to earn money.  Apparently there is a jeepney from Dumaguete City to Valencia which costs only PHP15 and travel time is about 30 minutes. Continue reading

NZ Travel: Glacier walk experience at Franz Josef

Hi!! Due to some internet difficulties, was not able to post these past few days.. But OMG!!! There are so many details I want to share about our travels, so many pics I want to show.. But for now I’ll just focus on the highlights, and the few pics I captured from my iphone..

Last post we arrived at Greymouth via the tranzalpine train ride.. From there we rented a car and drove to our next pitstop.. Franz Josef Glacier.

Franz Josef is 3 hrs from Greymouth, and is one of two towns commonly visited for it’s glacier walk. Just standing in the main road of the town you can already see the mountain glacier from a distance.

We stayed here 2 nights and booked an ice explorer tour with franz josef glacier guides.. The tour includes a helicopter ride to the base of the glacier, a 3 hr trek to the top of the glacier and back, as well as entrance to the hot pool.

For those planning to take this tour, remember that you need to reconfirm 24 hrs before. And also because its an outdoor activity, weather is a big factor. For our case we booked a 9am tour but got cancelled due to cloudy weather. The tour is just 4hrs long, but I allotted a whole day for this.. So because of that we had enough flexibility on what we want to do after. Other people didn’t and so they had to completely cancel their appointment because they planned to move on immediately after the activity.

For us since we were still staying in franz josef that day, we just joined the 11.40 am tour so we could still do it that day.

We had an hour to spare before the tour starts, so we did one of the many walks near the glacier.

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Seoul-o Travels (Last day)

In the past few days in Korea, I was able to cover Korean pop culture, traditional architectures from the past, and natural sceneries.. For this last day, I decided to take a day tour that will give me more insight into the history of what this country has been through… The DMZ/JSA tour.

The tour took us to different locations showing the conflict that transpired between North and South Korea. It was an eye opener to me as to how bad the separation is between the North and South, and impressed at how South Korea was able to recover from the World war.

The Imjingak was the first stop in our tour, and here we saw remnants left of the Korean War. This is where the “Freedom Bridge” is, which the soldiers crossed to return from the north.

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