10 Days Japan (Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka)

For my 2nd self planned trip to Japan, I this time went with my cousin for a 10 days trip.  This time around our itinerary had more food and otaku related activities that me and my cousin were both fans of..

We mainly stayed in Tokyo with 2 days in Osaka and 1 day in Kyoto.. These are the highlights of our trip!

This time around I didn’t really have a fixed budget.. But my cost estimate  was around 100k yen for the trip (excluding the flight)

If anyone is interested in doing a similar itinerary, I’ve attached here the link which shows what we planned (which we didn’t get to all do because of lack of time), my research on how to and from those places, the list of food places I was hoping to hit, and the cost research.

Hope this helps all those who are interested in travelling to Japan!