2.5 week Europe/Africa trip (Spain – Morocco)

Shared here a link to the itinerary we did for this trip.

This itinerary covered two continents — Europe (Spain) and Africa (Morocco).. The majority of the time was in Spain with some side trips to Morocco.  The trip was for 3 people on a 2.5 week holiday.

For Game of Throne fans this included some of the filming locations from the series (from Morocco), and by accident found out that one of the cities we went to was the exact time when Season 5 of Game of Thrones was filming! (in Seville)

Factors in consideration:
1. This itinerary was planned for 3 people, but I think our accommodations are flexible enough to be able to include a 4th person.
2. Our flight was a roundtrip from Barcelona.
3. Sights trumps food, so we didn’t really splurge on eating (but my excel sheet listed some of the recommended places from friends).
4. The budget is 200k PHP, so the EURO cost have been converted to peso to get an estimate of how much the trip cost.
5. Because the bookings were all done pretty last minute (past a month before the planned trip) – I think there were some expenses that could have been made cheaper had it been booked earlier.

The route in the itinerary I shared was what we ended up with because we were booking things too last minute.  If I was able to arrange everything earlier, I would have wanted a better route which would reduce the back and forth we did between Spain and Morocco:

  • Barcelona – train to Granada
  • Granada – Morocco via the tour (they have tour pickups from Granada)
  • Morocco – Seville (tour drop off at Seville)
  • Seville – Marrakech (flight)
  • Marrakech – Madrid (flight)
  • Madrid – Barcelona. (train)

If you have a few more days, suggestion on what can be added in

  • Instead of a direct train from Barcelona to Granada, have a stopover of a day or two in Valencia for a day.  I heard they are well known for their paellas there.
  • between Seville and Madrid you can stop over at Cordoba or do this as a daytrip
  • Other daytrip that you can add in while in Madrid is to Toledo
  • Montjuic castle is a daytrip that can be added in while in Barcelona.
  • For the Morocco portion of the trip, another option if you have more days (minimum 5 days) is to take a different tour which covers Fez and Marrakech and travels through the desert.  I saw several tours that offered this but they required more time than what we had.  We didn’t do Fez and Marrakech in one go because the travel distance between the two cities would take a day and we weren’t familiar with their public transportation system there.  Plus I really wanted the trip to include Chefchaouen, which a 5 day tour would not be able to cover.
  • Another possible add on is Portugal.  My friend extended a few more days to travel to Portugal.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in case I can help.


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