0800 AM ETD Siquijor Port to Dumaguete
0900 AM ETA Dumaguete
0930 AM Check-in Hostel (Harold’s Mansion)
1000 AM Leave Hostel
1030 AM Early Lunch
1100 AM Head to Casaroro Falls
0200 PM Head to Red Rock Falls
0500 PM Early Dinner
0600 PM Head Back to Hostel
0800 PM Coffee / Desserts at 2 Story Kitchen
1000 PM Rest
0800 AM Wake Up / Breakfast at Hostel
1100 AM Check Out / Start of City Tour
* Dumaguete Cathedral and Bell Tower
* Siliman University
0200 PM Lunch at Sans Rival
0300 PM Head back to Hostel and get  bags / ETD Airport
0330 PM ETA Airport
0445 PM ETD DGT Sibulan Airport
0600 PM ETA MNL Airport

Lab-As Seafood Restaurant
Hayahay Restaurant

Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao
Antulang Beach
Forrest Camp
Apo Island
Tierra Alta

Actual Costing:

Group of 3 Pax in Philippine Peso
Tricycle from Port to Inn 30.00
Harold’s Mansion Inn (with free breakfast) 1,125.00
Lunch 300.00
Tricycle to Valencia Plaza 250.00
Motorcycle to Casaroro Falls 600.00
Motorcycle to Red Rock Falls 900.00
Entrance Fee to Red Rock Falls 45.00
Dinner (include the drivers) 580.00
Motorcycle to Harold’s Mansion 600.00
Tricycle 27.00
2Story Kitchen 475.00
Tricycle 40.00
Tricycle 27.00
Merienda 90.00
Tricycle to Airport 100.00
Terminal Fee 195.00
Total 5,384.00
Divide by 3 PHP1,794.67

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