0710 AM ETD Manila to Dumaguete
0825 AM ETA Dumaguete Sibulan AIRPORT
0835 AM ETD Airport to Port via Tricycle (Php120) / Taxi (Php150)
0900 AM ETA Port
0920 AM ETD Ferry to Siquijor
1030 AM ETA Siquijor
1100 AM Check-in at Accommodation
1130 AM Lunch
1230 PM  Start the nearby sites tour
* Century Old Balete Tree (Brgy Camplanas, Lazi) – fish spa
* San Isidro Labrador Parish Church and Convent (Lazi)
* Cambugahay Falls – 135 stone steps
* Lugnason Falls (Napo, San Juan)
0400 PM End of Tour
0430 PM Wet / Dry Market
0600 PM ETA Accommodation / Dinner
0730 PM Wash-up / Rest
0800 AM Wake Up / Breakfast
0930 AM Start Tour
* Capilay’s Spring Park(San Juan)
* Sta. Maria Church (Maria) – Black Maria
* Salagdoong Beach (Maria) – Cliff Diving Site
* Cang-Isok House, Oldest Surviving House in Siquijor
* Tulapos Mangrove Sanctuary (Maria)
* Guiwanon Spring Park Resort (Luyang)
* Church of St. Francis Of Asisi and Bell Tower
* Coco Grove Beach Resort
0600 PM ETA Accommodation / Dinner
0730 PM Wash-Up / Rest
0600 AM Wake-Up / Breakfast
0730 AM ETD Accommodation to Siquijor Port
0800 AM ETD Siquijor Port to Dumaguete
0900 AM ETA Dumaguete

Mt. Bandilaan Natural Park (Cantabon) PHP10,
Butterfly Sanctuary and Tree Park,
Bulalakaw Forest Reservation,
Bolos Butterfly Farm,
Cagusuan Beach (Maria) – Picturesque seascape
Paliton Beach (San Juan)
Tubod Beach
Maite Beach
Calalinan Beach
Minalulan Beach – c-shaped shoreline
Tagmanocan Cave (Lazi)
Eugenia Cave (Luzong)
Boljo Cave (Ponong)
Cantabon Cave – takes 2 hours
Canghunoghunog Cave
Cambania Cave (San Juan)

Actual Costing:

Group of 3 Pax in Philippine Peso
Taxi (Sibulan Airport to Port) 150.00
Ferry to Siquijor 420.00
Terminal Fee 36.00
Lunch Day 1 180.00
Entrance Fees + Market + Etc. 744.00
Multi-Cab Day 1 Tour 1,500.00
Multi-Cab Day 2 Tour 1,500.00
Lunch Day 2 at Coco Grove 780.00
Bread + Salagdoong Entrance & Parking 120.00
Guiwanon Lake Entrance 30.00
Siquijor Tip to Caretaker 500.00
Multi-Cab to Port 300.00
Ferry to Dumaguete 360.00
Total 6,620.00
Divide by 3 Php2,206.67

5 thoughts on “Siquijor

  1. Pingback: 4 Days Trip to Dumaguete – Siquijor | Little Miss OZ Chinita and Blueclouds

  2. I’m planning a grand Siquijor-Dumaguete-Apo-Island-Oslob-Moalboal trip early next year and I’m not even sure if we can squeeze everything in in just 4 days! I know, I’m half-delusional -___-

    Don’t really know where to start but I must say that this post of yours is extremely helpful!! 🙂

    • Hi Tria
      I think this would be possible but you will be on amazing race mode and depending on your flight details.

      Day 1 – Dumaguete / Siquijor
      Early arrival in Dumaguete; 2 hrs allot to travel to Siquijor; City Tour (you just need to choose from the places we visited in Day 1 and Day 2 since you have limited time). Overnight in Siquijor or not sure what is the latest boat ride back to Dumaguete

      Day 2 – Siquijor / Dumaguete Apo Island / Oslob
      Earliest boat ride to Dumaguete; head to Dumaguete Bus Terminal, Board Zamboanguita-bound (Malatapay); Drop-off at highway intersection and Walk to the pumpboat terminal for Apo Island-bound ferries (3 minutes); Ride chartered pumpboat from Malatapay to Apo Island (30 minutes); In the afternoon, Go to Sibulan Port via tricycle or multicab. Ferries and pump boats going to Liloan Cebu departs from Sibulan Port every hour and every 30 minutes, respectively. Overnight in Oslob

      Day 3 – Oslob / Moalboal
      No details about Oslob since I’ve never been there. In the afternoon head to Moalboal which is 3 hrs away. Oslob – Bato Bus Terminal – Moalboal Bus Terminal.

      Day 4 – Moalboal / Cebu City
      Explore Moalboal especially the Kawasan Falls. Depending on your flight, you can dive or not because of the change in pressure. Moalboal Bus Terminal – Cebu City V-Hire terminal allot 3 hrs travel time.

      • THANK YOU!

        We’ll be arriving in Dumaguete at 08:15am Thursday and leaving Cebu at 1:50am Monday – that’s roughly 4 full days for the activities. I know we will have to scratch a couple of sites off my list but I just don’t know which ones haha.

        Will keep coming back to your blog and read your Dumaguete and Siquijor posts!! 😀

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