Surigao – Butuan

0600 AM Airport meet up NAIA Terminal 3
0745 AM ETD to Butuan Bancasi Airport
0915 AM ETA at Butuan Bancasi Airport
0930 AM ETD to Britania Group of Island, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur
1130 AM Check-in at La Entrada Beach Resort
1200 NN Lunch at La Entrada Beach Resort
0100 PM Island Hopping
* Hagonoy Island
* Naked Island
* Buslon Island
* Panlangagan Island
* Hiyor Hiyoran Island
0400 PM Head to Cagwait White Beach
0500 PM ETA to Cagwait White Beach
0530 PM Dinner at Space Bar
0730 PM ETD La Entrada Beach Resort
0830 PM ETA La Entrada Beach Resort
0900 PM Rest
0630 AM Breakfast
0700 AM ETD to Barobo ( just to view Turtle Island and Cabgan Island)
0800 AM ETA to Barobo
0830 AM ETD to Enchanted River
1000 AM ETA to Enchanted River (Fish Feeding @ 12nn)
1130 AM Lunch at Sibadan Restaurant
1230 PM ETD to Baywalk, International Doll House & Oceanic View Park
0130 PM ETA to Baywalk , International Doll House
0230 PM ETD to Tinuy-an Falls
0300 PM ETA to Tinuy-an Falls
0530 PM ETD to Bislig City
0600 PM ETD to Bislig City
0700 PM Check-in at Paper Country Inn
0730 PM Dinner at Paper Country Inn
0900 PM Rest
0530 AM Breakfast
0600 AM ETD to Butuan City
0900 AM ETA at Butuan City
0930 AM Check-in at Gloreto Guesthouse
1000 AM City Tour
* Banza Church Ruins
* Balangay Museum
* Balangay Boat Building Site
* Balangay Boat Digging Site
* Diosdado Macapagal Suspension Bridge
* Cross of Magellan
* Pasalubong Center
1130 AM Snack at Goat Together
1230 PM Lunch at Rosario’s (Chinese Food)
0300 PM ETD to Amontay Beach Resort
0330 PM ETA to Amontay Beach Resort
0530 PM ETD to Butuan City
0600 PM ETA to Butuan City
0700 PM Dinner at Weegols
0830 PM Coffee / Desserts at True Brew Gourmet
1000 PM Rest
0700 AM Breakfast
0730 AM ETD Gloreto Guesthouse
0800 AM ETA Butuan Bancasi Airport
0945 AM ETD Butuan Bancasi Airport
1115 AM ETA NAIA Terminal 3

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